Chapter summary

Generation I:

Chapter 1: A new beginning

Chapter 2: Apples and stuff

Chapter 3: Finding the one

Chapter 4: Argus and Alice

Chapter 5: Love and stuff

Chapter 6: Bringing on the next generation


+1 founder.

+1 Wizard.

-1 rich mate (Alice Fitzgerald).

Generation II:

Chapter 7: Aleister (not) Crowley

Chapter 8: Alice tells it right

Chapter 9: Alice tells it right II

Chapter 10: Tragic tragedy

Chapter 11: Getting laid


+1 Gen. II

+1 best student (Aleister)

+1 death by fire

-3 Small gravestones

+1 Painting skill completed (Lysander)

+1 Writting skill completed (Lysander)

-1 Rich spouse (Deedee Wynn)

Generation III

Chapter 12: A shitload of babies