Tragic tragedy



Me: Good news, honey! I’m done with my mid-age crisis!

Alice: Finally! Because narrating for a stupid blog about Sims isn’t my cup of tea. Now, can you give me the D once and for all?

Me: Do you even have to ask?






Sorry for everybody who was waiting my return to normality. Well, if you follow this website, you might be too young to consider this, but getting old really sucks ass.

I decided to have THE talk with all of my children. No, not the one about puberty. That’s gross. I’m talking about MY legacy. It, after all, needed its best warriors so points would be scored. But before that, they had to know why they were born.

Me: Before we start, has someone seen Amaury? We kind of need him.

Aleister: He’s in the bathroom and Morgana is being schooled by mom. Won’t we wait for her?

Me: Saddly, sweetheart, she’s out of the challenge. I love her, just like all of you… but she… is special. We have no control over her, due to her insanity. I think this isn’t a secret for you anyway.

Pernelle: What challenge?

Me: Soon you’ll see.




So I started to explain the rules of the Legacy challenge we were following. Most of them were interested, especially about the points for the different types of ghosts, excepted Cersei that was too busy eating.

Amaury: So there is heirs and heiresses? Points? Sounds awesome!

Pernelle: But who’s the heir of this generation? I’m burning (lol) to know!

Me: Well, for now, this is Aleister, but only because he’s the eldest. Son, are you interested in this?

Aleister: Of course I am!




Amaury, worried: But what about the others? Do we absolutely have to make spares to be part of the legacy? Do we have to leave once we are adults?

Me: Of course you don’t. All of you will always be welcomed in the familial house anyway.

Amaury: Do you the legacy written? It’s kind of hard to remember all the ways to make points, you know.




Cersei: You know what,? This is pathetic. It means we’ll have to work our asses off just for some so-called “familial honor”. This is useless, I tell ya.

Pernelle: You’re so negative! This is going to be awesome! Don’t you love your family? Don’t you want to be part of something bigger than you?

Cersei: Whatever. Now, you’ll excuse me, I have fishes to… fish.




I was kind of deceived to see Cersei not giving any shit about the legacy, but at least, the three others were bursting with enthousiasm, asking for more details.


The day after, Aleister became a real man. This child was my pride and joy, the family pacificator. He was looking like me so much, sometimes it was disturbing. Especially for Alice, she could not even tell us appart sometimes. You know, flirting with your own son while thinking this is your husband… is quite… awkward.


It happened also to be the graduation day, so we came to the City hall in family all three.


Yeah, cauz these suckers decided they wanted to stay home.

Me: Come on, this happens once in a life! Do it for your borther! And where the hell is Cersei?

Amaury: She’s fishing again. I won’t come, I’m hungry and tired.

Pernelle: Homeworks.


Me: I take that as a no. Shame on you. Aleister will remember this the day of your own graduation.


When I was a teen, I didn’t want any children as I thought they were annoying, dirty and pointless.

But seeing my boy, my own blood getting his diploma, a bright smile on his lips, with the prize of the best student? Priceless. Worth every crisis, every (few) argument, every time spent for him.


Alice: Oh, my baby! I’m so proud of you! Now will you get the fuck out of the house? We’re trying to breathe in that small shed.

Aleister: Papa told me I could stay?

Alice: ‘was just a joke, honey. But it would help if you would look for a job. I mean, you’re the best student, you could become a great doctor for the Evil Organization! We need those, only them know how to slice the innocent in half without killing them so they can tell us all they know for the…

Aleister: No offense m’man, but I think I’ll be a visual artist instead. Papa told me he knew some people who would like to redecorate their houses with my paintings.


Me: If only you knew how proud I was of you… Here, take this. You deserved it.

Aleister: What are those? Keys?

Me: Yup!


Me: Nah, kiddo, this is the key… to success! And beyond! You can open all possibility with it!

Aleister: That was cruel, papa. Especially for a pun.

Me: I know.

We headed to the most expansive bistro in Moonlight Falls and celebrated our son’s success. We had fun, we laughed, we drank, we ate. Nothing close to what was waiting for us when we would come home.


Three. Three dead bodies. Waiting for us to come back. Burnt to death. The position of their bodies. They were crisped. They suffered. Amaury, Morgana, Pernelle… What happened? This day started out so well…

It took us months to go over it. Well, “go over it”… stop crying day and night, having everything in the house that would remember the tragedy, not moving from our bedrooms for days, not even bother to take a shower once in a while. If Alice were hurt by the catastrophe, well, I was totally destroyed. I wouldn’t eat for days. I was desesperate.

How could they take away half of my family… in the same day? How could they? All I wanted was to starve myself to death, to rejoin them. All the years wasted on my mid-age crisis, all the times I grounded Morgana for not being normal, all the nights I haven’t read them stories before bedtime, all the concerts Amaury wanted to bring me too…


I even got hospitalized for not feeding myself properly. I was so weak I couldn’t walk. But then, I remembered I had also surviving kids. Aleister was young. Cersei was only a lost teenager. And what about Alice, who was trying to get a smile on her face every morning so everybody wouldn’t drown in their sorrows? I had to get some strength. For them.

Aleister: How’s papa going?

Cersei: The doctors say he’ll be fine in a week or two. You know, the coroner said it wasn’t a crime. Just an horrible accident, unlike what mom is thinking.

Aleister: But… come on, they died.. the three of them! How couldn’t they get up and leave? The exit is so close…

Cersei: Asphixia is one son of a bitch, Aleister.


Aleister, whispering: Have you seen their bodies? They have suffered. It must have been a nightmare.

Cersei: We must be strong, brother, we must be strong.

Aleister: But how will I do without Amaury?

Cersei: Live on for him. He wouldn’t forgive you for letting him down, nor the challenge.

Aleister: On one condition.

Cersei: Which is?

Aleister: Don’t give up on the challenge either. Do it for them. And papa. And maman.


Cersei: … I’ll think about it.

Alice: LYSANDER! What are you doing out of the bed?! The doctor won’t see you up till you get better!

Me, in sobers: I don’t… I won’t… *sober* Why, why can’t they… can’t they just… *cries* Don’t you miss them? How can you be so strong?

Alice: … Of course I miss them. But remember what you told me? We have surviving children. I have you. You have me. It’s not because they died that we have to surround ourselves in sorrows forever, honey.

Me: But… *sober* but…

Alice: And you have another reason to go on…


Alice: I’m pregnant. And this child, unlike her or his older siblings, will NEED his or her father.


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