Bringing on the next generation

This challenge is pretty cool 🙂

The Nogueira Challenge: a legacy full of what


The next day, Alice had something important to tell me. She looked very excited.

Me: You are WHAT?!

Alice: You hear me right. Pregnant. I am pregnant.

Me: But… how? What? I proposed to you only yesterday… We didn’t even had that much sex! What is this sorcery?

Alice: Are you kidding? We’ve been fucking days and night since we live together!

Me: B-but this is way too early!


Alice, unamused: Listen here you lil shit, some days ago you were all about big love serenades and how about nothing lasts forever, you forced me to get a shitty job and now you’re freaking out because we’re habing a baby, which is the WHOLE IDEA behind the stupid legacy you can’t stop talking about.

Me: B-b-b-but this is so sudden… I don’t know what to say!

Alice: Be happy, don’t worry goddamn it!


Alice: Anyway, we are in an hurry…

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